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Garage Door Troubleshooting: Four Common Issues

Your garage door is like a guardian for your home. It keeps your belongings safe and adds beauty to your house. But sometimes, it can have problems, just like any machine. Let’s talk about four common problems and how GARAGE DOOR OKC can help.

Getting to Know Your Garage Door: GARAGE DOOR OKC

Before we start fixing things, let’s understand how a garage door works. It’s made up of different parts that all play a role in making it go up and down smoothly.

Part What it Does
Panels The big sections that make the door.
Springs They help lift the heavy door.
Rollers They help the door move easily on its track.
Tracks These guide the rollers along.
Opener This is like the engine that opens and closes the door.
Sensors They keep an eye out for anything in the way of the door.

Common Garage Door Problems

  1. Tracks Not Aligned

This happens when the tracks that guide the door become bent or not straight. This can make the door move in a funny way. If you see gaps between the rollers and the tracks, it means they are not aligned.


The experts at GARAGE DOOR OKC know just what to do. They’ll look at the tracks carefully, find the problem, and use special tools to fix them. This makes sure your door moves smoothly again.

  1. Opener Trouble

The opener is like the heart of the garage door system. If it doesn’t work right, the whole thing won’t work. Sometimes, the motor gets tired, or the wires or remote control stop working. If you press the remote and nothing happens, or you hear strange sounds, it means the opener needs help.


GARAGE DOOR OKC is really good at fixing openers. Their skilled workers will check the opener from top to bottom, find the problems, and fix them. If it needs to be changed, they know just what to do.

  1. Springs Break

The springs in a garage door do a big job. They help lift the heavy door. But over time, they can get tired and break. When this happens, the door won’t open or close like it should. If you hear a loud snap or see a broken spring, it’s time to get it fixed.


The team at GARAGE DOOR OKC is really good at changing springs. They use strong springs that last a long time. They work fast, so your garage door will be back to normal quickly.

  1. Sensor Problems

Sensors in a garage door are like little guardians. They watch out for anything in the way of the door, so accidents don’t happen. But sometimes, they can get dirty or not work right. When this happens, the door might act strange or not notice things in its way.


The workers at GARAGE DOOR OKC know just what to do with sensors. They’ll look at them closely, make sure they’re in the right place, and clean them if they need it. Your safety is really important to them.

Final Thoughts: Trust GARAGE DOOR for Help

When it comes to fixing garage doors in OKC, you can trust GARAGE DOOR OKC. Their team knows all about making your garage door work well and keeping you safe. They can fix tracks, openers, springs, and sensors. Don’t let garage door problems bother you. Call GARAGE DOOR OKC today for fast, trusted help.

Take care of your garage door with regular check-ups and fixes. This will make it last longer and save you money in the long run. Call GARAGE DOOR OKC today to keep your garage door working smoothly.

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